Wideband Technology is a lead innovator in the data and telecommunications space

The right to describe our company as innovative is something we’ve earned. It’s a word to describe a better way of doing things than what existed before. And in the space of high speed cable network solutions, we’ve proven ourselves through industry leadership, high performance products and best practice service delivery.

High speed data cable solutions to meet the demand for greater volumes of data to travel faster

Demand for high speed broadband services is experiencing unprecedented growth. Now more than ever, companies and organisations must be equipped to manage large volumes of data travelling at high speeds with seamless transmittal. Wideband Technology provides Copper, Fiber and Rack Solutions to fit all network requirements and specifications. And we continue to evolve our range of platform solutions aligned with industry innovation to make it simple for end users to meet their increasing and evolving ICT needs.

Wideband is ready to deliver scalable outcomes to your organisation

Founded in 2005 and based in Melbourne, Australia, we service clients locally and around the world. Our network solutions guarantee high performance and smooth operation by providing a key IT platform for an entire business. From the end user through to the system integrator and distributor, our Wideband team of professionals offer end-to-end cost-effective vendor solutions, with a range to rival the most marketed brands. With a national distribution centre facilitated by our manufacturing headquarters located in South Dandenong, Victoria, we process orders and ship daily to every location in Australia and beyond.

As Wideband Technology as grown as a company, we have developed a complete spectrum of products to cover the requirements of any system, from copper cable solutions to IT racks to fibre optic cables. Our systems are completely scalable and can been designed to fit even the most specific network requirements and specifications ensuring optimised outcomes for business and government.

Offering a Tier 1 solution for vendor peace of mind

Excellence is our industry standard, and created from quality materials, our products are built to last. Our team brings experience and skill to best understand and service our clients’ needs by providing end-to-end solutions enabling them to ride the continued wave of innovation in the telecommunications space.

All in one, 100% compatible systems, from a fully assembled IT rack through to patch panels

IT networks today are required to deliver world-class performances enabling companies and organisations to stay ahead of competitors and grow their business. Network solutions must go beyond an ability to carry traditional data at faster speeds and increasing volumes, to also carry voice using VoIP and video technology, which is being used in more and more applications, and widely accepted as the connectivity tool for the future. Compatibility has never been more important, and we focus on delivering our clients a frictionless, compatible network from start to finish.

That’s why Wideband Technology uses ONE VENDOR™ products and accessories, a one-stop shop that produces every component from carrier-to-desktop. Businesses can have confidence in a complete solution that is guaranteed to operate smoothly so they can stay ahead of their competitors.

ONE VENDOR™ products and accessories from carrier to desktop

Wideband Technology proudly uses ONE VENDOR™ products and accessories where every component from carrier to desktop contributes to a seamless and compatible solution providing our clients with peace of mind and value for money, including:

Your data cable network protected by the Wideband 25 year System Warranty

Our Tier 1 quality systems are durable and effective, which is why we stake out reputation on them. For all the components involved in an IT network, from the end user, through to the system integrator and distributor, your network can be fully supported by a comprehensive System Warranty for 25 years. The Wideband Warranty is in partnership with the largest solution provider in the world.

Wideband Certification Training

If our range of cable network solutions meets the needs of your project, then we’ll go one step further by facilitating training and certification in our products and installation methodology nation-wide. Participating businesses will receive training in product related competencies enabling them to create platform and network solutions designed by their own Wideband Certified System Integrator and installed by their Wideband Certified System Installers. These product-related competencies are required in order to qualify for the 25-year Warranty, as the warranty applies to systems that were designed and installed by certified personnel at a specified and certified site.

Wideband is committed to a greener future

Helping companies and organisations develop a best practice IT platform and network solution that is conscious of environmental impact is a key consideration in our approach to business. Every data cable we make is in complete compliance with the Green Building Council Australiarequirements to use Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cabling, ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.

Wideband Technology helping clients build a better future

Since those early days when our company was founded, Wideband Technology has built a culture of success and innovation based on a few simple, but highly effective guiding principles. Most importantly of all, we listen to our clients. We understand their challenges, their problems and their frustrations because it’s our business to find solutions. We’ve evolved as a company because we understand the best way for us to grow is to provide unrivalled service and high quality products to our clients. It’s how we earn the right to call our company an innovator.

If you want to know more about Wideband Technologies and how we can help your business or organisation, call us at 1300 900 888 or contact us online.